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Estimated Fee Schedules

A Valid Referral Letter is Required


Please be advised that a valid referral letter to Mr Alex Wong is required from your General Practitioner or Specialist dated PRIOR to your

  • initial appointment and

  • any subsequent review appointments and

  • any surgical procedures


 A valid referral will allow:

  1. Mr Wong to review your progress for as long as it is deemed necessary.

  2. Enables you to claim Medicare Benefits.

  3. Enables our office to process your Medicare Claims after a procedure


If you do not have a valid referral, you cannot make a claim from Medicare. You may also receive an invoice from our office after your procedure.



Private Clinic Consultations

  • Fees are payable on the day of the service. (Credit Card, Eftpos, Cash)

  • Private Health Insurance companies do not pay for outpatient consultations. 

  • Medicare rebates are available IF you are eligible AND you have a valid doctor’s referral letter addressed to Mr Alex Wong prior to the appointment

  • Our Office may process your medicare rebate electronically and if successfully transmitted, you will receive your funds within 3-5 working days.

  • Reduced fees for pensioners and health care card holders are available only with a valid card.


Clinic Consultation Fees : (indicative rates only)

Initial consultation 30 min – $ 200

Review consultation 15 min – $ 120

Surgical Procedures in PRIVATE Hospitals

For Insured Patients

1. Surgeon's Fee

Fees vary for each procedure and will be discussed at your consultation.

Your private health insurance and Medicare Australia will cover the majority of the Surgeon's fees.

However, there may be a ‘Gap Fee’ (out-of-pocket) payable to Mr Alex Wong.


2. Hospital Fee

Private hospitals may require payment depending on your level of insurance cover. Please check with the hospital at the time of admission.


3. Anaesthetic Fee

Fees vary for each procedure. Your private health insurance and Medicare Australia will cover part of the Anaesthetic fees. However, often there is a ‘Gap Fee’ payable to the nominated anaesthetist. The anaesthetist's office will provide you a quote.


4. Pathology and Radiology Services

Any blood tests, biopsy and/or surgical specimens and scans related to your admission / procedure will be sent for analysis and reporting. You will receive an invoice from the respective pathology/ radiology service.

For Medicare-Eligible, Non-insured Patients

It is not encouraged but it is possible to have your procedure done at a Private Hospital. We can arrange a quotation of Surgeon's Fee, where the full amount is payable PRIOR to the procedure date. Our office will issue you a receipt after the procedure which you can submit to Medicare/ Insurer to claim your rebate.


You will receive separate quotations for the Hospital Fee and Anaesthetist's Fee.


**Please be advised that there is a possibility of further un-forseen costs if your admission is prolonged or if you require additional procedures than what was planned. The total cost can be larger than expected and could become a financial burden.


Surgical Procedures in PUBLIC Hospitals

For Medicare-Eligible, Non-insured Patients and Insured Patients

There is no 'Gap Fee' applicable to all patients. However, no guarantee can be provided that Mr Alex Wong will perform the procedure. Your preferred date of procedure may not always be accommodated due to the nature of the public hospital waiting list.


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